All three

We are Angelo, Ally and Olmo, three Italian Scots planning to cycle from Halifax to Vancouver over the Summer. This dream of ours has been in the pipeline for five years, and two years ago we began in earnest to tackle all the logistics involved, well, those we could think of. It is our intention to take time to experience Canada not just cycle through it, therefore we are aiming at averaging 60/70 miles per day and take time to appreciate the beauty of the country. For this reason we decided to cycle East to West, to be able to take in, many days before we can actually be there, the magic of the Rockies – like the thousand of settlers who made the journey in the nineteenth century having followed the Great Lakes shoreline and crossed the Plains before.

It would have been almost perfect if we could have started from Newfoundland, but the cost of flying to St. John’s put paid to that idea.What we will do instead, if we can keep to the schedule we’ve given ourselves, is pay a visit to Prince Rupert Island and Haida Gwaii, then the inside passage to Port Hardy, before the final push to Victoria and the big “km O” sign, which will warrant a photo of course.

It is all real now. What few months ago was still a future plan now has become real, with everything that goes with that realisation: packing and repacking, checking and rechecking the weight of panniers and trailers, bookings, credit cards and pre-paid cards to be sorted out, and oh my! the travel insurance doesn’t cover the bikes, that must be sorted out soon. So many sleepless nights. Another one coming perhaps. Better try to relax, it’s only one week and then it will all be forgotten, it’ll be just us, the bikes and Canada.

We are raising money for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, to make children’s time in hospital better. See Olmo’s Just Giving page: http://www.justgiving.com/olmo-McPake



6 comments on “About

  1. Neil DeGasperis says:

    Hey Guys… Fantastic to meet you 3. Can’t believe you’re Scitalians from Scotland and happened to stop in front of my house! Karma is a wonderful thing.

    PLease connect with me if you’re in town for a few days. I’m actually having a bday bbq at my place on Sunday afternoon and it’d be a pleasure to have you guys by for some food and drink. Love to hear more tales. IF that’s not fitting your schedule, I’ll be out on my bike likely Saturday am or SUnday and can meet up for a café!

    mobile – 647.988.6876


  2. Iain Robertson says:

    Just came across your blog and it looks like you guys are having a ball. Manatoulin is a special place (lots of water and rock). Safe journey and please keep posting.

  3. […] arrived – 12 in total this evening including ourselves:  Angelo, Ally & Olmo from Scotland (https://wheelsaretakingusaway.wordpress.com/about/), Yasse from France (Yasse in Canada by bike on YouTube), Kyle from Canmore, a girl from Toronto […]

  4. Sandi Connolly says:

    Hi Guys
    Really enjoyed meeting you on my ” birthday adventure” in Ponteix, SK, hope you found a place to stay that night.
    Safe travels!
    Sandi & Hamish

  5. Eileen says:

    Hi–wondering how things are going–haven’t had a blog post for a few days–it is hot on the prairies and harvest has begun–hope the mountains are Ok for y’all

  6. Al says:

    Breakfast looked nice. Keep the updates coming, and how are the bikes holding up.

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