A Perfect End



Now we have been in Vancouver for eight days now and I have to say I am glad that we did the east to west version of the trip as none of the cities we came across  on the east coast can compare with the culinary experiences that Vancouver offers. On our first night here after our last long ride from Port Alberni to downtown Vancouver, we found ourselves in a Chinese restaurant that aroused our curiosity about Asian cuisine in Vancouver. And our curiosity has now been quenched. After the Japanese noodle bar comparing well with our memories of noodles in Japan, we had to dig deeper into other restaurants to see if this was a one off, and it was not. From a great wee sushi bar by the name of “Sushi Mart” that saw me try my first BBQ eel (and boiii was it good) to a fusion restaurant (where the staff praise your entry and mourn your exit)  that offered a great twist on the Canadian yam fries (sweet potato chips) in the style of tempura. It shows that ethnic diversity leads to great things.



However the most stunning meal of our stay so far was in a Mongolian restaurant with a unique cooking style, using a circular metal slab with two massive wooden sticks to prepare the best noodles of your life.  You decide what meat, vegetables and, best of all, the sauce you want. The restaurant offers a guide to how to make your sauce spicy or classic Mongolian but you can make up your own sauce which was just too tempting. I cannot remember what I mixed, just that it was trés good.

Yes, my stay in Vancouver was food focused but after all the cycling somehow the food tastes a whole lot better. This may be the end of this trip but I have not quite fulfilled my longing to travel so expect a lot more cycling from me in future. I mean I do not know about the rest of you, but does Vancouver to San Diego not sound like it could be just as amazing a trip as this has been?






2 comments on “A Perfect End

  1. David McCraw says:

    Excellent, so pleased to see you have arrived at the conclusion of an epic trip with fond memories (and an appetite for more)!

    Well done all!

  2. rona says:

    welcome back!

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