The End

It is not really the end. Well, as we see it, the film is over but the credits are still rolling. We have made it to Vancouver and beyond to the island where we are currently chilin in Port Alberni which is the furthest west we can go. However we do not feel as though we have totally finished.

This is the same strange feeling, but switched around, that we had in Halifax where I could not see myself riding for over three months. I am glad my brother, father and I managed to do so. At first I could not see myself getting up and going for hours on end but now, with little over two weeks left till I am back home, where college, friends and a completely different time zone awaits, I will miss the getting up and going for hours on end, seeing completely different landscape everyday, meeting a whole range of colourful people and most of all the sense of accomplishment I share with my dad and brother.

All in all though I look foward to a long rest period in Vancouver as we have our fellow cycling companion Jordi to meet up with again, and Natalys and Kathryn who we met in our adventures around Lake Louise, but most of all, the amount of time I have to sleep.



2 comments on “The End

  1. David says:

    Well done to you all for completing one of your dreams.
    Excellent news and have copied to Bentrider and the Edinburgh city cycling forum. Enjoy the chance to see a bit before you come home. Of course there is plenty of nice cycling here waiting for you too!

  2. Ken Butler says:


    I’ve been following your story ever since Owen Sound, Ontario, where you met my friend Alan Brand.

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